My title

Welcome to khansakhanblog – a Perception 🙂

I ‘ll try making this section a kind of real and less boring. So, here we go!

Hi! I am Khansa (not Khaan-sa 😉 ),  most people keep on pronouncing like that).  I am a bachelor’s student and a boarder.  Okay, why I Italicized that word? Because being a boarder has brought so many changes in my life and has let me write this blog.

I started perceiving small things a couple of years ago and want to share my thoughts and views through my writings. There might be some topics that seem boring to you but trust me they keep something worth reading in. On my blog, I share small events, stories and highlight the possible optimistic aspects out of it that we usually are unaware of or deliberately ignore. You’ve heard of the phrase “be the change you want to make” a million of times, I too have and consider it so truthful.

In the world where there has already been so much negativity, violence, and racism, can we kindle a flame of light and a hope in ourselves by perceiving small things to the possible level of optimism and letting that flame be spread in this all-embracing world?

If you just said “Yes” then keep reading and responding 🙂 Cheers!


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