The Muslim Nation, united?

On a way back from I-10 Markaz, two friends of mine got robbed on gun point by the two boys who were students in actual and not a single person on road could rescue the two girls. This is the incident happened in Islamabad not in Karachi, the Capital that used to be peaceful once is likely to subject to such tragedies and blows. It is not the city I am talking about rather the catastrophe is boosted in the country and around the world.

The wonder when someone says “terrorist” by listening a word “Muslim” has not remained wonder any more. I am a Muslim and I don’t like when some Muslim brother or sister in a New York Avenue is suspiciously investigated for no good reason. Is it only because he/she is a Muslim? The Muslim nation is the only United Nation in the whole world that has prototypical identity and harmony. There is something we as a Nation has lost which has lead us to the unsolicited situation of todays. The situations might be excessive but not justifiable.

The truth is, we have left not reason for ourselves to blame someone else. No one from outside emanate and blasts a bomb and no one made some development plan of country go fail.  On the basis of race, sects, political views and ancestry, we find all the excuses in the world to create division among ourselves. We, ourselves have created the differences.


Do you know that Muslim Nation is the most widely spread nation in the world at present? In future, world’s 50th Muslim country is expected till year 2030 and the country is Nigeria. Together, we can bring the change, retune our morals, values and prove the world our original identity. I read somewhere if you want to bring change, the easiest way to do is to change yourself first. Your change may stimulate your family, then family to circle, city, country and eventually the world. Remember! No MUN or their arm forces, National Banks and courts of Justice can bring the change until the change arouses in an individual’s mind with pronounced acceptance.

The Peshawar attack and Earthquake of 2008 deprived the whole nation but I was happy to see that there were helping hands around the globe for one Muslim Nation by others. The cryptograms of our hearts with the notes of sorrow, mourn and condemning of injustice with innocents of Ghaza assert that we live as a Muslim. Though, we have not positioned political or economic assistance on our levels but our feelings and senses articulate that we will because we can!

Look around and see how bad has happened, happening or can happen. Speak and share! Facebook and twitter is more than just leisure time entertainment. Don’t let your expressions be based upon the sect alterations instead as a one nation. We all pray that good sense prevails.

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