7 facts about “being a boarder”

Fact 1: Mess Menu – an important thing to discuss at day and night.

Okay, the day you enter your hostel building you get to realize that there is no separate kitchen where you can cook and eat whatever you want. You need to keep a follow up of your mess menu and it never goes same always. You have to eat vegetables in dinner for four consecutive days sometimes.  The days go like sitting on a lunch table and thinking what will be for dinner tonight? Or texting your roommate asking “what is in mess today?”

Fact 2: Maggi- a magic meal!

If you miss your mess or there is something you do not eat, Maggi Noodles are always there! Whether the clock strikes 12 or 3 at midnight, pick your preserved packet of Maggi and prepare your meal 😛

hostel facts 2

Fact 3: Sweet Dish is a sweet dream!

“What did you just say, there is a sweet dish come over from somewhere?” We’ll have party 😀 Since, a good cooked sweet dish is a rare chance in mess meals, eating one becomes a sweet dream for a boarder 😉

hostel fact 6

Fact 4: Cold water baths in winters.

Don’t feel pity of yourself if you had to take bath with cold water in chilling winter of December! Consider it as a kind of some military training. Bravo! You did it 😀

hostel facts 4

Fact 5: Night Curfew

That “hurry up alert” when you are out for shopping or dining can only be heard by a boarder because you are not allowed to stay outside for long and the hostel gate is just about to close. Hostel curfew is most strictly applied to girls hostel L

Don’t be sad! You are the Cinderella of the party and you definitely need to rush back on time 😉


8 o clock

Fact 6: TV? What is that?

Okay, you forget about that one device that gives news when you are in the hostel. You have no idea what’s happening in the world! And if it is some cricket match scheduled you put your every effort to power on and set the television of common room. When it is switched on you are not really sure about the play scene because the picture is that much clear 😀 (usually happens)

Hostel facts1

Fact 7: Tea- the fundamental

If you are living in a hostel in Pakistan, you definitely will see a cup of tea almost every second in someone’s hand. Pakistanis love tea! Most of you might not take tea at all like I once used to be but the hostel thing has changed the habit. Tea is the most suggested solution to many problems like:

“I have a serious headache, what should I do?” Take tea!

“I am feeling hungry, is there something to eat?” Let’s make up a tea!

“I can’t remember this quiz!” No problem, get fresh, take tea!

hostel facts 3


Keep surviving, boarders! It’s way more worthy. Cheers 🙂


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