20130315-213908Once in a while, be fearless to be careless.

The less you care, the lesser your heart struggle.

Don’t spend too much of holding on to something that you knew it will never be yours.

Don’t let your heart be hustled of those feelings that are unsure.

Careless about those people who have no time to compromise their thoughts for you.

Careless about why someone is smarter than you.

Careless why it didn’t work out.

Let your heart skip a little beat and find your resting place.

Careless about the judgment of people. They’re going to judge you no matter what you do.

Careless about others’ business. Mind your own.

Careless if you have no special talent.

Careless about how horrible your boss is.

Careless about some rules, they are meant to break.

Be careless in your rambling thoughts, that’s how you feel.

Be wise enough to be fearless while…

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5 Reasons why you must travel.

Holding my laptop and restarting my pending assignments, a glance of my Lahore trip (I had this week)  just ran through my mind and I  figured out to write about the pleasure of traveling. Here are five reasons you need to read if you do not like to travel. I am sure you will think about taking a step out of your comforting home and would like to experience a more comfortable journey with your own self.

You meet different people

The first thing that makes me excited about traveling is that you get to meet different people. I know most of you would be a person who talks less or is afraid of talking to strangers. You can not talk to every one of course but you can talk to people who seem nice or a person sitting next to you (if you are traveling alone like I do). The good thing about this is you listen to people, their stories, their experiences and most likely about the place you are heading if they belong to that place.

meet 2.gif

You get to see countrysides

Second good reason if you are traveling by road is you see countrysides views. Wide green grass seems like a green carpet spread all over the land, livestock, children playing in fields, men and women making an exceptional example of hard work by working in rural areas. There are always beautiful views of sunrise or sun setting, or a full brightened moon following you all along your journey or flock of birds flying on the widely seen blue sky giving a sense of freedom and an immense love for nature. There are always sights worth watching.


You get to manage things on your own

The third and important reason which is also a factor of your personal development is that you learn to manage things more properly. Traveling requires a planned approach. You need to decide your staying plan and the clothes and food you should carry with yourself. Even if you are not traveling alone, you must know about your own things for your usage like where you put this and that thing, what medicines you can need in time for any happening etc. You also learn to do packing in the most efficient way so that you can carry your stuff in most convenient manner. Eventually, you are aware of saving your phone battery (I know this was an important one 😉 )


You experience new places

If you are new to the place you are traveling to then you definitely get to see that place as a new one and experience everything new including people, food, culture, heritage, architecture and living style. I have always loved being in new place and get the most positive things out of it and if I do not experience something good about a certain place like if I had thought to return from certain place at a certain time and I couldn’t get a cab out there at that time then I need to keep this thing in my mind for future visits or for recommendations to other people. Otherwise, enjoy every bit of new place and do not forget to capture your likings (You do not have to be a DSLR holder for that 😉 )


You get to eat different food

Yes! Food is a favorite thing to experience. You get traditional and different food to eat at a new place. I know there are people who always prefer eating a strawberry flavor in their ice cream but trust me if you’ll add chocolate, blueberry, mango, caramel or pistachio to it, it won’t taste bad.

food 3.gif

Travel around your city, village, country or around the world. There are millions of flavors of everything you will like to taste.

Happy traveling and reading 🙂