How to be contented with your work? 5 things to go with

Have you ever gone through a phase where you feel like having no contentment with your work? or have felt like you are not enjoying your job as much as you should? Here are 5 keys to feeling satisfied with what you do and how you do it:

1. Honesty

No! I am not going to narrate a story here with a moral “honesty is the best policy” and make you feel bored 😉

But yes, if you start being honest with yourself, your work and routine, you can do wonders with your job. Do not think if your boss is not around and you can skip your task or indulge in useless talks with people around. I know how much happy feeling it is when your boss is on leave 😉 but stay alert when it comes to your work. You’ll feel satisfied with your moral, performance and habit of doing routinely work efficiently and will not be afraid of anything because you know you did everything rightly and timely.


2. Punctuality

Be on time which is scheduled by the office administration, do not think if your colleague is not on time or people around take it easy to follow time schedules then you should also. Be punctual, not just one day but every day! It not only makes your personal habits good and build your personality but also makes a good record of yours at your workplace because everyone knows how much punctual you are (which is a good attribute). Make good impression last!


3. Say “no” to politics

Workplace politics? I think exists everywhere which I do not like at all. I mean from where on earth do people get time and mind for useless talks about each other? You go to the office for doing work, for your self-growth and learning not backbiting about your colleagues in respect of any matter. Be fair in your dealings and do not trust anything conveyed other than by authenticated source. This can save you from many negative things 🙂


4. Professional jealousy. What is that?

This! I did not know about the term till I entered in professional life. Once you get out of your graduating school you will learn how fast the pace of life is. You’ll come to know that people will keep moving forward for their good which is actually good but there is one aspect of moving forward in career building. One negative aspect! and that is professional jealousy which in no way satisfies good morals. You’ll come across people who say ill about you at your back just to make themselves appear good and more successful. You’ ll see that only quarter of the people will become truly happy with your next promotion/success (I doubt if my estimation is more because there is a scenario when not even one is).


What you need to do? Let people think what they think and let them do what they do but make sure you are not like them. Remember, what is destined for you can never be anyone’s else and what is not destined for you can never be yours in million years even. Make yourself free from the bad nature of getting jealous. Appreciate people and their success and you will not have anything negative to think about. This leads to a happy and contented side of you.

5. Give your best!

Yes! Give your 100% effort to any task assigned to you. Hard work pays off. It truly does. Accept when you are mistaken but try avoiding the mistake next time. Help your co-workers with things they need assistance in. deliver your knowledge to others. Do not think that if you’ll make someone learn what you know, they will take your position. No one takes place of another until they deserve it and if by how they do so it won’t last long. Be confident in your skills and stay positive. No matter what.

And when I said “no matter what” I really meant that. I know how stressful an office environment can be. Worry and anxieties won’t give you anything but optimism will make you stand up every time you get down.



So, here are Cheers to every person who just read this and is thinking to take their next step towards self-contentment 🙂


20130315-213908Once in a while, be fearless to be careless.

The less you care, the lesser your heart struggle.

Don’t spend too much of holding on to something that you knew it will never be yours.

Don’t let your heart be hustled of those feelings that are unsure.

Careless about those people who have no time to compromise their thoughts for you.

Careless about why someone is smarter than you.

Careless why it didn’t work out.

Let your heart skip a little beat and find your resting place.

Careless about the judgment of people. They’re going to judge you no matter what you do.

Careless about others’ business. Mind your own.

Careless if you have no special talent.

Careless about how horrible your boss is.

Careless about some rules, they are meant to break.

Be careless in your rambling thoughts, that’s how you feel.

Be wise enough to be fearless while…

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5 Reasons why you must travel.

Holding my laptop and restarting my pending assignments, a glance of my Lahore trip (I had this week)  just ran through my mind and I  figured out to write about the pleasure of traveling. Here are five reasons you need to read if you do not like to travel. I am sure you will think about taking a step out of your comforting home and would like to experience a more comfortable journey with your own self.

You meet different people

The first thing that makes me excited about traveling is that you get to meet different people. I know most of you would be a person who talks less or is afraid of talking to strangers. You can not talk to every one of course but you can talk to people who seem nice or a person sitting next to you (if you are traveling alone like I do). The good thing about this is you listen to people, their stories, their experiences and most likely about the place you are heading if they belong to that place.

meet 2.gif

You get to see countrysides

Second good reason if you are traveling by road is you see countrysides views. Wide green grass seems like a green carpet spread all over the land, livestock, children playing in fields, men and women making an exceptional example of hard work by working in rural areas. There are always beautiful views of sunrise or sun setting, or a full brightened moon following you all along your journey or flock of birds flying on the widely seen blue sky giving a sense of freedom and an immense love for nature. There are always sights worth watching.


You get to manage things on your own

The third and important reason which is also a factor of your personal development is that you learn to manage things more properly. Traveling requires a planned approach. You need to decide your staying plan and the clothes and food you should carry with yourself. Even if you are not traveling alone, you must know about your own things for your usage like where you put this and that thing, what medicines you can need in time for any happening etc. You also learn to do packing in the most efficient way so that you can carry your stuff in most convenient manner. Eventually, you are aware of saving your phone battery (I know this was an important one 😉 )


You experience new places

If you are new to the place you are traveling to then you definitely get to see that place as a new one and experience everything new including people, food, culture, heritage, architecture and living style. I have always loved being in new place and get the most positive things out of it and if I do not experience something good about a certain place like if I had thought to return from certain place at a certain time and I couldn’t get a cab out there at that time then I need to keep this thing in my mind for future visits or for recommendations to other people. Otherwise, enjoy every bit of new place and do not forget to capture your likings (You do not have to be a DSLR holder for that 😉 )


You get to eat different food

Yes! Food is a favorite thing to experience. You get traditional and different food to eat at a new place. I know there are people who always prefer eating a strawberry flavor in their ice cream but trust me if you’ll add chocolate, blueberry, mango, caramel or pistachio to it, it won’t taste bad.

food 3.gif

Travel around your city, village, country or around the world. There are millions of flavors of everything you will like to taste.

Happy traveling and reading 🙂

Capture your perception!

I have been busy this week and I missed blogging. I decided to add a new category to my blog so that I can share some beautiful photos I have been taking in all that time with some thoughtful captions.  Here are some of my favorites 🙂

“Just when you thought it was getting dark, you felt it was beautiful than ever”— photo was taken at Khanpur Dam, Islamabad, Pakistan.



“To everything that seems beautiful when faded” — Autumn 2016, Islamabad, Pakistan


“It’s time to go back where you belong”–winter 2016



“Do you see small things making a significant difference? “




“and you’ll always find nature to be perfect”





Power Of Introverts- Hat tip to Susan Cain

A review on Susan Cain’s Ted Talk.

I am happy that I got to know one of the great authors. I am a big fan of TED Talks (I already mentioned it in my previous post, Click to view) and I keep on listening many. I came to listen to the TED Talk of Ms. Susan Cain in 2016, titled as “The Power of Introverts” and I admired the idea so much that I googled about her, followed on social sites and here I am writing about her most viewed TED Talk 🙂

A lady takes a stage with a black leathered bag in her hand and narrates a story that her mother packed her a suitcase to the summer camp when she was 9 years old. Can you guess what is in the bag and in that suitcase? Books! Yes, you read it right. Reading was the primary group activity in Susan Cain’s family. Does that seem anti-social to you?

susan cain

Who is an Introvert?

How do you define an introvert person?  Maybe “Shy” because this is what most of us think.  Like you might have thought of ‘reading’ is an anti-social activity especially when you are sitting with many other people around you. According to Susan Cain, “introversion is about how you respond to stimulation including social stimulation” and that reading while sitting with many other people is a sense of pleasure and feeling of being together with family and be in your own world of the book at the same time.

Do you think you are an introvert and cannot communicate to people at once or cannot share your ideas at first place? That’s completely okay 🙂


Or see it another way. Don’t be scared 🙂


Power of Introverts

Our schools, colleges or universities nowadays have a system in which students work in groups.  There are six to seven students sitting on a bench working on group assignments even in subjects like Creative Writing, Mathematics that fully require an individual set of skills and thoughts. When it comes to leadership, introverts are expected to perform much better than that of extroverts because they are running with so many thoughts in mind and work quietly, however, extroverts, most of the time get more excited about things.  This certainly doesn’t mean that the subject here is to prove that introverts are much better than extroverts or vice versa rather make people and workplaces aware of the fact that there is a need to maintain a fine balance between two when it comes to the selection of creativity and productivity.  Introverts must be encouraged and celebrated.

“Solitude is a crucial ingredient to creativity.  Solitude matters and for some people that is the air that they breathe”.


int power

Calls for Action!

There are three calls for action given by the speaker at the end of the speech.

  1. “Stop the madness for constant group work! Just stop it! We need to teach kids to work together for sure but we also need to be teaching them how to work on their own.
  2. Go to the wilderness. Be like Buddha, have your own revelations.
  3. Take a good look at what is inside your suitcase and why you put it there?

There are many other interesting facts and examples mentioned in the talk. You can listen to the talk here.


About the Speaker

Susan Cain is an American writer and lecturer. She wrote a book, Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking.  She also co-founded Quiet Revolution, a mission-based company with initiatives in the areas of children (parenting and education), lifestyle, and the workplace.


On the last note of my post to my dear readers,

Be yourself, dream big, you can do this!

Happy Reading 🙂

Dear Girl Child…!

To Passion and Courage~
Happy International Girl Day!

Giggles & Tales

Just because you are a girl, the society might try to stifle your dreams and goals. But you’ve got to stand up and say no to any limitations and restrictive mold they may want to force you into.

I know it’s hard to be a girl sometimes but you’ve got to be strong. You’ve got to know that you are created by God to be a voice in this world. To achieve greatness and rule your world. You are born to be a winner. And you’ve got all the tools within you to achieve this height. You are smart. You are intelligent. You are unique. You are exceptional. You are phenomenal.  And you are beautiful.

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Are you a TED Talks’ fan too?

If the answer to the title above is “yes” then you must read this and if it is “no”, keep reading either way 😉 It’s about a couple of time ago when I first listened to a TED Talk of Ms. Muniba Mazari. I was impressed by her talk and by the event that gave a wide platform to the girl to share her story of courage and survival. That was the time I first typed “TEDx” on the search bar of my google chrome and came up with an amazing Wikipedia’s introduction. I went to the Ted Talks’ website, subscribed there and started getting updates about every new Talk. I watched every talk that I think would be interesting to listen to.

What is TEDx?

For a short introduction to those who do not know, a collection of Technology, Entertainment, and Design stories is what makes TED Talks the most popular and real. TED is a media organization with an attractive slogan “Ideas worth spreading”. It reveals people with great ideas and stories from different regions of the world. TED with a small “x” making TEDx, stands for an independently organized event. In Pakistan, there are many institutes that arrange TEDx events majorly in Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi.  Fortunately, I also came up with one of those. Thanks to Facebook! It was 2016 when I got to read a post on the Facebook page of PIEAS (Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences) University (It is Pakistan’s one of the top ranked Universities of Engineering) about their first TEDx event coming up, I filled an application form for it and guess what? I got shortlisted for attending an event I was always enthusiastic about. Hooray!


IMG_20160430_141234My experience of TEDx Event

TEDx PIEAS was an incredible experience, an amazing team of organizers, brilliant guest speakers and great achievers. I also attended TEDx PIEAS in 2017 and could feel luckier. I loved to listen to every success story of brave Pakistanis that day. It gave me so much motivation, sensation, and love for people of every cast, gender, and circumstances. It made me realize the fact that everyone here in this world is fighting a battle but there are some who tends to win it. So, listen to those who have won their battle or are trying hard enough to succeed no matter after how many failures.


This panorama of TEDx PIEAS 2016 is taken from an official Facebook page of TEDxPIEAS.

Just go for it!

I know it might seem kind of boring to many of you, sitting and listening to a person standing on the stage for fifteen to twenty minutes. But this is what can bring better to you. Just conceive for a second that you are back from your workplace or university or school after a long tough day and you articulate every incident to your mother, father, sister or brother or anyone at your home but they do not pay attention to what you are saying. Wouldn’t that feel annoying or blank? Just give it one try! There are hundreds of remarkable TED Talks you can find on TED Talk’s website. All of them are my favorite, out of which I remember Susan Cain’s, Cameron Russell’s and Noreena Sham’s to be very influential and interesting. These will definitely not make you bored!

Do you want to attend a TEDx Event?

On the last note, if you really want to attend a TEDx event in your city then you need to keep up a follow up of every TEDx event coming up. For that purpose go to TEDx website, search for TEDx events, enter your region and you will be shown by the list of events coming up. Apply for an event by filling a form provided on the relevant link. Remember one thing! stay original while filling form! Do not write false information. Show your interest with your words and if you do not get shortlisted for attending an event, don’t get sad. Try again, keep trying and you’ll surely get one.

Happy listening 🙂


7 facts about “being a boarder”

Fact 1: Mess Menu – an important thing to discuss at day and night.

Okay, the day you enter your hostel building you get to realize that there is no separate kitchen where you can cook and eat whatever you want. You need to keep a follow up of your mess menu and it never goes same always. You have to eat vegetables in dinner for four consecutive days sometimes.  The days go like sitting on a lunch table and thinking what will be for dinner tonight? Or texting your roommate asking “what is in mess today?”Read More »

Education: A Better Future is Every Individual’s Right

Our car had just stopped on a red signal when someone knocked on the window glass. I put off the blinds from glass. He was about 16 years old tall boy footed with torn slippers whose black colour had completely faded. He handed me a pen to buy, reluctantly I took from him and handed him the price for it. The signal had gone green, the traffic moved and I kept on looking at him walking his way towards another potential customer.

The pen he should have used to write and used as his weapon of knowledge, he was selling it to have earning for the survival of life. When I narrated this to my friend and her reply dismayed me more than that boy’s life. She said, “You don’t need to worry about him and such other children. They are born poor and they are meant to live their lives likewise; education is not for them; they are habitual of doing hard work this way.”

It is not about the children and teenagers only who can’t study. It is about every single person no matter what age group s/he belongs to. It is their right to get educated and to have a better future. Education can’t be personalized to some legacy rather it is that brick of the building without which the building can neither be completed nor be beautified.

Education is the most important tool that enables a person to meet the tough challenges of life, to have a respectful life and to have less worries regarding financial issues. Education is not just studying but learning. Knowledge gained by education assists in practical life at every step of life. Education enhances the opportunities in one’s life to have better career building that eventually leads to economic and social prosperity of a country.

A better and prosperous future is only possible through education. Not only education enhances the knowledge of career building but also provides a better understanding of social, cultural and religious aspects of world. One can interpret the good and evil based on one’s awareness that education has granted him/her. An educated person is aware and sensitive to others’ rights and his own duties. He knows how to move in a society, he knows his love with the people and his country, he is mindful of the fact that education he is getting is not just for his wellbeing but the light of this education has to be spread and doles people around.

Thus, the real meaning of acquiring education is not just to be successful economically but also socially. The better future is attained by excelling in both, the former and latter and this better future is not only for an individual but also for the whole society. To make dreams come true, to bring change in life and to be successful, education is the only weapon we own to help us achieve all this, as beautifully said by Nelsone Mandela, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Success Demands Sincerity

While travelling through different areas of Pakistan’s southern Punjab, I always used to look at the dark smoke coming out of the pervasive kiln chimneys and blame it for polluting our environment. While that is true, I also ended up learning the fact that the anything that tends to be strong, powerful and determined has to go through some tough time in order to withstand any hardship just like the bricks. Burning gives them beauty, strength, power and strength.

The human story isn’t different and so is the nation’s. We assert to be powerful, independent and helping but without the nature of being burnt, without sufferings. Success doesn’t demand shortcuts. We raise a charity fund, we take it in as our portion to the betterment of country. Sitting in our study, we tear twenty pages while preparing our patriotic speech for some upcoming sermon, practice it in front of the mirror and successfully deliver it, wow!

We are too much patriotic. We conduct a seminar on women’s rights, child’s labor, rape cases, poverty campaigns, and education awareness, the revelation is we are in state of inertia. Why? Because we lack something that we don’t want to concede. I am not saying these are wrong doings neither I am condemning the efforts. It’s just the pain that speaks and writes when I see my country dooming from several years and the people here being suffered because of the fellow countrymen.

You say you love your country, then why didn’t you throw a chocolate wrapper in a dustbin? Because you’d to take a long walk? You say you support women’s rights, then why a girl in your neighborhood gets frightened while passing through a street? You say you condemn child labor and the very next minute you order a 11 year old maid to bring a glass of water for you. You said in your speech that you can sacrifice your life for this country but you can’t save anyone’s life on a road accident because your contribution might create problem for you.

You promised to feed poor so that hunger and thirst wouldn’t remain a dilemma of the time but you walk by a bare-footed child in a scorching sunlight, wearing sunglasses, a hat, and a chilled “Energy Drink” in hand without noticing the poor soul?

These things might seem ordinary but are the roots of the tree where autumn doesn’t consent flowers to blossom and fresh wind to blow. The tree is our country Pakistan, and the reason of autumn are us. Our feelings are not true and the word “loyalty” has become a décor of our so called inspirational, successful speeches of patriotism. We mock a person who talks of kindness. We forget what we claim. We are the most rapidly changing creatures of our mindsets.

A fifty nine minutes episode of your favorite TV show wouldn’t make you a true citizen. A well prepared sermon cannot make the words happen, advising someone to respect elders wouldn’t make a difference unless you abide by it yourself. The keyword is “act”. So act!

In the kiln of this country, I’ve seen true people like the Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Abdul Sitar Edhi and a young patriotic, Noreena Shams but the smoke of their qualms flew away in the spotless atmosphere of this country because both the brick and atmosphere knows the meaning of sacrifice, the former has learnt to burn, augment and the latter to absorb the abundant filth for “there will be more smiles when the smoke clears.”